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These 7 Tips Will Allow You To Sleep Better On Your Flight

Almost every person loves to board a plane and travel to exciting new destinations. When entering the airport gates, the excitement fills us, and we are already in a vacation mood. The problem is that the fun usually ends when we seat inside the plane, try to close our eyes and relax and just can’t succeed…

Sleeping in an airplane’s economy-class is not optimal, to say at least. You are surrounded by strangers, the seat is cold and uncomfortable, it’s noisy, and I don’t even talk about the turbulence.

So how can we improve our sleep? Follow these seven tips, and your sleep will definitely improve.

Avoid Caffeine and alcohol:

Coffee stimulates, sharpens awareness and improves concentration, and that’s exactly what you don’t want to happen to you when you try to doze.

Among its other effects, alcohol contains some negative symptoms that appear about two or three hours after ingestion. Thus, you will find yourself waking up often, sometimes even without being fully aware of it. The result: poor sleep quality

Coffee will sharpen your awerness

Choosing a seat? Not in the first five rows:

There are many reasons why sitting in the front of the plane is a bad idea, but the main one is simply the noise. Those sitting at the front of the plane will be likely to suffer from the noise of the cabin crew in their working area. The toilets are often located in the front, and the sound of flushing will disturb your rest. But worst of all, in transatlantic flight, airlines tend to seat families with babies in the front of the plane which can make your flight a living nightmare 😊

Avoid the first 5 rows

Full stomach:

We are not telling you to eat the food served in the plane, but if you will bring from home satisfying food that contains whole grains (even crackers) your sleep will be much better. Try also snacks that encouraging sleep as bananas. Cherries, honey, yogurt, walnuts, or even hummus.

Take off your shoes

And replace it with thick and soft socks, in order not to stink the plane with your socks from home and for extra comfort. Just don’t go with them to the plane’s bathroom

Ignore the TV screen during the flight.

No matter how much you want to see the movie screened during the flight, ignore the small screen. Watching the screen during the flight conveys the brain that it is day now, and certainly makes it difficult to fall asleep

TV screen will confuse your brain

Bring your own travel pillow and blanket:

There is a variety of travel pillows to choose from – inflatable, microbeads, memory foam, etc. choose the one the fits you the most and gives your neck and spine the best support. Don’t count on the blanket provided by the airline – these are small and thin blankets. Bring your own blanket to avoid freezing on the plane.

Try out Chillensio travel sleeping kit. Inside, you’ll find not only a memory foam neck pillow, noise reduction earplugs and a 100% light blocking eye mask, but also a super-soft polar fleece blanket

Try herbal tea:

Decaffeinated herbal tea tends to calm and even make you sleepy. Green tea, for example, contains theanine, an amino acid that promotes sleep. Some people prefer valerian or chamomile tea. Valerian, which is plant-derived, is a component of certain tranquilizers used to treat stress and insomnia.

Check out our favorite tea for long flights.

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