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Are you a traveler by spirit?
Finding yourself sitting at your office and daydreaming about your next vacation??
Well, this guide magazine is exactly for you 

  • Gain travel and vacations optimization
  • Get rid from the unnecessary costs that accopmany every trip
  • Learn and discover special places around the world which will make you stop following the tourist herd
  • Bonus - With each magazine release you will receive exclusive coupon codes for travel products and accessories

Topics examples

Life Journal

The Do's and Don'ts of each destination

Case studies

Learn how to identify tourist traps

Tips & Hacks

Learn how to find cheap flights and hotels.

become unique

Find hidden jems and secret spots around the world

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Authors spotlight

“Traveling – it makes you speechless , then turns you into a storyteller.” 
We traveled and toured so many cities and countries and we are here to share our vast knowledge so you can earn the perfect travel experience. Our mission is to spread the “travel fever” with our community.

Coral & Assaf